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Welcome to the BENEFITS web page for all Federal Technicians!

The following pages provide guidance, links and forms that will help you get the correct information to your Human Resources Office. For your reference, our Duties and Staff POC's are listed below:

RETIREMENTS/SEPARATIONS/EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: The Retirements and Separations section helps to provide and assist Technicians to enroll and maintain benefits, entitlements, and retirements to include maintaining employment records. Additionally, our Human Resources Analysts are trained to supply quality customer service, giving the proper guidance, counseling, and training on most aspects of a Technician's benefits and entitlements such as USERRA, FEHB, and TSP to name a few. Additionally, our analysts work closely with other HRO sections to resolve any pay, salary, and entitlement issues.

Ms. Trudy Bonsell (Human Resource Specialist): 518-786-4725 Resignations/Terminations for Permanent and Indefinite Technicians, Retirement counseling & processing, DES Separations/Retirements

 WOC Jennifer Roshong (Human Resource Specialist) (M-DAY): 518-786-4725/4950 Benefits Counselor; Resignations/Terminations for Permanent and Indefinite Techniciains, Retirement processing, DES Separations/Retirements.

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: Our Employee Relations specialists provides Technicians and their leadership appropriate direction, guidance, and training in regards to Technician leave entitlements or issues such as the use of the Family and Medical Leave Act, advanced sick or annual leave, and restored leave. In addition, our ERS personnel can also assist with performance management, and incentive awards.

SSG Trish Cormier (Human Resource Specialist): 518-786-4448 LWOP/RTD, TSP Retro, FEHB, FEGLI, TCC/AARA, Military Deposits, NGAUS, 

SSG Mirela Karagic (Human Resource Specialist): 518-786-4737 Technician Leave and Leave Donor Program,  Advanced Leave Requests, SCD Changes, Designation of Beneficiaries, Military Deposits

 SSG John Amirault (Human Resources Specialist): 518-786-4658 Performance Management (PAA), Incentive Awards, Air Force Suggestion Program

Mrs. Alma Pennington (Human Resources Specialist): 518-786-4681 Retirements/Separations, TSP Retro, Designation of Beneficiaries, Military deposits for ABC-C processing, SCD Changes, WGI's.

INJURY AND UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION: Our Injury Compensation and Unemployment Compensation (ICUC) specialist is specifically trained to administer and manage the injury and unemployment programs on behalf of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Office of the Worker’s Compensation Program (OWCP). Our ICUC agent will assist Technicians with submitting injury claims and work as the liaison between them and DOL Claims Examiners to ensure accuracy of OWCP benefits and payments.

POC: SGT Stephen Clemente (Human Resources Specialist - OWCP): 518-786-4727 OWCP, Injury & Unemployment Compensation, FECA, Extensions & Separations of Temporary Technicians

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